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          How to shop -- shopping strategies for online shopping Safely
Follow the below step for How to shop:
Step 1: Select your items from any category.

Step 2: Click the Order Now Button. Then it will be next page.

Step 3: The next page is your shopping cart items. Click adds more items Button if you want to add other items. Click Update Button if you want to change the quantity of your items. Click Delete Button beside the item price if you like to remove it in cart. Click Checkout Button to go on the next step.

Step 4: For new customer fill out the Customer information, Payment method, billing address & shipping address.
Billing address (sender credit card address),Note: for customer outside usa & Canada, fill up the state/province option as a other country
Payment method: PayPal, Skrill or western union. Both PayPal & skrill accepts all major credit cards. for western union , you need to send us money through western union.
And shipping address (address of the recipient here in Philippines).if you don’t know zip code, just put (0000). For returning customer, just use existing email address & password (if you forget your password please clicks on “forget password”, you will receive email from our company with old password) then click the Login Button and it will bring you to the next step.. fill out the necessary charges if you need to change.

Step 5: Next page please write your message and choose the shipping area and date of delivery. Then click Next to go next page.

Step 6: Next page will show you the order details. Then click Submit Order.

Step 7: Click payment option.

Step 8: Next page will go our secure payment gateway.

Thank you!

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